Walking on The Sidewalk

It has been a month since I’ve walked on the windy sidewalks of Adventist University of the Philippines. Those sidewalks mark the steps I’ve taken from the first day to the last. They were steps which I didn’t expect in my life because I was expecting a different road to take. But alas, destiny must blind me from what I was expecting. Thankfully, there were no regrets.

My first steps were very common to every AUP-ian. I have lived the first fortunes and mishaps of every freshman. My fortunes included getting enrolled with maximum units for the semester; enlisting the expected subjects and schedule successfully; passing an exam worthily studied for; and of course, emptying the remaining balance when the semester ends. As for the mishaps, waiting for your turn in a very long queue; paying a definite amount every examination; and arguing about the system of the school. During the first few weeks, I always think about how to adapt to this drastic change. I got the answer, but I got to finish 2 semesters first before getting it. I learned that living and going with the flow isn’t a quick answer you’ll get by drawing a raffle; rather, it is a very long process because it is a day-to-day basis. Adaptation paved a way for me to live the AUP life. Clearly, it wasn’t easy since there were rules to follow. The rules were constricting because the rules were strictly implemented, but take note, a colleague once told me that these rules are the reason why AUP has a good environment. I agreed with what he said. I told myself that there will be no harm with going along with the flow; besides, the students are the ones who’ll benefit from the rules. From that day onward, I learned how to live like a normal AUP-ian. A normal AUP-ian who thinks it is an achievement to finish a degree in this school with flying colors.

Just when I thought I was going to finish my step in this school by marching down the graduation aisle, destiny proved me I was incorrect with my expectation, again. The steps which positioned me to peacefully walk at the windy sidewalks of AUP will be forever gone, but the memories will still remain pure in my mind. So destiny, where is the next school sidewalk I’m going to walk on?


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