Dear Friend #1

10384022_755799541139161_634214068581978264_nHello there! We haven’t formally talked since the last day of the second semester in college. I would like to inform you that your open-mindedness has helped me to rationally rethink particular matters. I truthfully believe that your firm stand on a statement is one of the million traits a good leader can posses. I hope that we can have more sensible conversations in the future because they are like good appetizers to my taste buds. Whenever I look forward to a satisfying amount of sensibility in school, I would always look for you because I know it is not a waste of time to speak a particular jargon with you. Thank you for being my friend, your presence has always reminded me of how people think in our previous school (High School). Good luck on your endeavors, smarty pants! I know that your future is brightly shining. God bless!


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