The Infraction and The Complaint

One morning, I successfully finished my driving class and I proceeded to my next subject. As I was walking at the sidewalk near the canteen (the canteen next to the university store), I caught sight of a familiar scene; a student guard giving a notice to a lady whose skirt hemline is above her beautiful knees. I felt her struggle to explain her side of the story, but the guard was adamant to give her the horrendous and responsibility-inducing infraction.

The scene made me think that her case is just one of the million reasons why AUP students complain about AUP’s rules. But why do we complain about the rules? Why were the rules invented? Why were the rules implemented? Who implemented the rules? Who’s responsible for making AUP a prison-like school? Let us go inside a classroom and let us pacify the rolling questions.

A normal classroom at AUP is where the students learn how life works. In the ups and downs of every semester, the professor will be your guide. On day one, the professor (let’s assume that the professor is a male human being) will hand out a thick paper, also known as the “Syllabus.” The syllabus will contain the rules and regulation of being a decent student in his class. At some parts of the semester, the professor fails to meet some of the requirements of the class. As an effect, the students start to complain about how negligent the professor is. In complaining, most students try to shoot out hurtful comments about the professor. Hurtful comments like this:

  1. Ang strikto naman nitong si Sir, hindi ko ‘to pipiliin next sem. (He is so strict, more or less, I will avoid getting in his class next semester)
  2. Alam mo nakakainis ‘yang si Sir *Prof’s Name*, walang kwenta. (Sir *Prof’s Name* is so annoying, he/she has no worth in this institution)
  3. Ang dami-dami niyang pinapagawa, ‘di naman napasok. (He dumps us with so many schoolwork, but still, he doesn’t even show up in class)
  4. Hay nako, eto na naman si malaki ang tiyan. (Sigh, here comes big tummy)
  5. Ang baba niya magbigay ng grade! (He isn’t so generous in giving high grades!)


Want to proceed to Part 2? Here you go! The Infraction and The Complaint Part 2


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