That Time when I was trying to Sleep

Right now, I am desperately making myself sleepy by writing what is going on. Today, I satisfyingly spread positive words on by telling people how wonderfully perfect they are. Their replies were worth the risk and wait because they appreciated every word I typed, thank you Lord.

Next on the list, I managed to stop pondering about what other people think about me. It is a struggle for a teenager like me with low self-esteem to remind myself that it is not worth the time. Thus, I eagerly surrounded my cloud of thoughts with positive ideas. Positive ideas like sleeping early and doing appreciative deeds. I will go to the path where I find myself stable. I know how hard it is, but I will take it step by step, and it will all be worth it!

Lastly, I nagged my lazy mind to write again since this is a powerful medium to express one’s thought. Now that I’m writing again, I have to worry about three things: grammar, spelling, and highfalutin words.


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