The Mouth of the College Braggart

I cannot say that we have all met a person like him* for diversity is inevitable in schools. Unfortunately and fortunately, meeting one was an opportunity to learn a lesson. A lesson which taught me how to handle my golden patience inside; a moment when I can just erupt at any moment inside, but I needed to hold on to a rope that keeps pushing me back. But who am I talking about? My dear friend, may I introduce you “the college braggart.”

What does it take to become one? What does one have to pay in order to grasp the bars of boastfulness? And several other questions that run inside your head whenever you want to determine if someone’s words were a form of unnecessary pride or a structure of keeping it low on the grounds of humility. Anyway, it does not matter because the best way of determining if whether he’s boasting or lying low is to ignore the talkative mouth of that person. For determining one’s boastfulness will never be your job and surely, it will never be the center of your inner core. Realize that talking will always be his work. Pass out the words respectfully and find a better person whose presence is worthy of your time, rather than a person whose mouth is filled with exaggeration.
But if you feel like ignoring will not be an enough action to pacify the braggart’s mouth, here are some words that you can use to weed out the planted pride on his tongue:

Braggart: Actually, I passed four universities! (Followed by an unnecessary listing of the universities he passed)
You: Nothing follows? How sad and gloomy you must be!

B: Actually, I was going to study at (insert the name of a prestigious university), but here is where I landed.
Y: This is where I landed too! And I am totally making my stay worthwhile by hugging the education that they are giving me. Look at your grades! See, that’s the reason why destiny didn’t let you go to (insert the name of a prestigious university).

B: (speaks proudly) I got a B-!
Y: (deep inside you got an A) Okay, let us talk about your “milestone” (yes, do the apostrophe hand gesture) more often!

B: Mark my words. I will be a Summa Cum Laude graduate!
Y: Mark my words too. Are you sure?

B: (consistently brags about his course)
Y: Wow! I got so interested, to be honest. Tell me more! (Then face backward, run immediately, and shout “goodbye!” for politeness)

B: You should leave your course because (followed by a shallow reason).
Y: And did your brain leave your body? Because your mouth is doing all the work.

Just do not expect them to react peacefully for surely, they will be deeply offended by these get-backs. Thus, if you do not like offending someone, do not use these. Peacefully leave them talking, and find a new friend whose feet land on where you are also standing.

Last note:
Remember, you do not need to hang out with a person whose pride is obviously flowing in his mouth. I have friends who tell me their achievements in a way that they’ll sound normally professional. These friends of mine always make me proud and happy to have them because of their humble successes. I hope you’ll feel the same way when you find yours!

– – –

*Let me use him, his, and he as consistent pronouns. Not because I am pointing out a male colleague, but because I want consistency in my writing. Thank you!


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