The Basic Lesson and The Big Picture


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Finishing lunch on a scorching-hot Friday afternoon is purely significant to me. It simply means spending the next few hours in a very cold learning environment that we call “Computer Lab.” But last Friday, our class in IT 1 got even more significant when our Professor taught us how to input basic codes. Normally, a student will find it mundane; but to me, it’s more than that. Learning how to input basic codes is like learning the basic ABC’s and 123’s. The basic methods of coding will strengthen my foundation in the field of technology. I do believe that someday, I will be able to use this basic skill to solve a very complex problem.

After the class in IT 1, I realized that we should not see things in a myopic view. This lesson that I learned is (I believe) a strong foundation to my future in the field of advancement, computer, and technology. Thus, the big picture of everything might come in handy at times of learning a new skill and grabbing an opportunity.


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