The VILLS of Today


Original Photo by Sophia Erika Rodriguez. Editing of the photo done by Roi Yves Villadiego.


Transferring into a new school is exhilarating; a new environment is purely refreshing and meeting new people gives you a clear description of how diverse a school can be. Although, being occupied by these things made me wonder of how vacant my time can be. I just think that I have been so occupied by certain circumstances that I tend to forget my vacancy. Luckily, in the past few weeks, I balanced my priorities and whatnot with organization, and unbiased decisions.


Being independent is a big word in my days of maturity. Facing the struggle of living in a dorm without my parents made me trust myself in the deepest chambers of my mind. I am exposed to the thought of no one to run to whenever I have dilemmas and concerns. But all is as it should be since I am preparing myself for a more rigorous environment in the future.


As I study my academics, I learned that I am not yet ready for the challenges that I have to face in the future. I feel like a whole new being in a different era and landscape. My lacks will strengthen me for they will help me know that I still have to train and focus myself on reaching my goals. It will not be easy, but it will surely be worth it.


Sometimes, I feel so lost in life. I keep on searching for motivation and inspiration, but futility comes and punches me on the forehead. I feel like I have to hold on to something that does not exist so I can move on and advance in my journey. Traveling with a mantra is sometimes tiring, but I have to keep on reminding myself that I can rest whenever I feel tired. Lastly, learning that the past does not exist is a fuel to help me step forward and not look back.


I still live with an imaginative mind because every step is worthy of an idea that is surreal. I find it hard to go on a day without the banging gongs of the arena in The Hunger Games, the embarrassing songs of televised commercials, and the awakening words of comical Tumblr. Living in a comical lifestyle makes me happy and inspired to go and finish my day. But being silly and jolly has its proper time and place. Everything should be put according to priority and organization. Whenever I do this, I harmonize with how life goes.


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