The Realization

Hola! We are in a freezing computer lab right now, and there is a chance that I am breathing 9% fart (which is better! Because outside, I breathe 99.99% fart). Anyway, my life as a blogger changed today because I learned that blogging is actually using one of the amazing features of Web CMS!


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Web CMS or Web Content Management System is an application that you can use to publish images, essays, poems, information, stories, comic strips, artworks, and whatnot with audience interaction. Clearly, it is a website that you can use for personal use and management. But how did it change my life? Firstly, I have been blinded by the fact that WordPress is only a website that I can use for posting word vomits, but it’s more than that! Most of the successful companies use WordPress as a medium of dispersing information. Secondly, WordPress is not the only website available to a person if one wants to manage his/er own blog or website. There are many choices such as Drupal, Zope, Guppy, Dot Clear, Joomla, and many more!

To sum it up, being enrolled in IT 1 or Information Technology Literacy is beneficial to my life as a blogger. It helped me realize that blogging is only a fraction of what a website can do to my daily life. I am willing to learn more in this course(or subject)!



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