A Lesson from The Past came back

I waited outside the computer lab with irritation. It’s not because of the long time that it takes before the door of the room opens, but because of the weather and my current state. Prior to my arrival, I got mildly wet by the rain and unexpectedly sweaty due to my hurrying to get to the building where the lab is. Why was I hurrying? If I don’t, I would have taken an unexpected bath. Anyway, I still love the rain and the next subject, so my irritation evaporated into thin air when we started the lecture.


Gif lifted from pastoralmeanderings.blogspot.com

On the day when I continued my studies in UPLB, I was expecting for this lesson to come back. I thought that it will be left untouched in the crumbled ashes of my high school years; but then again, fate proved me that I was incorrect. You may ask, what is this lesson I am referring to? Ladies and gentle-readers, the lecture was all about The Number Systems.

Our lesson was composed entirely of computer language. We took time to understand how Binary, Octal, Decimal, and Hexadecimal number systems work and how they are “translated” into each “language.” Going on, my mind got rejuvenated by the topic and it reminded me of how I passed my 1st quarterly exam in TLE 1A: Computer (back when I was a high school freshman). I guess inserting digits and equations in your brain isn’t a bad idea after all. Having the adrenaline to solve particular problems gave me that young feeling that I felt when I hated Math (well, I slightly hate it now, but I do love it in some ways which is not a bad thing). The comeback of this lesson nurtured my brain with fruitful learning of digits. Once again, the branches of the math tree resurrected and grew beautifully inside my head. Why would I regret that pleasant happening?

I am still looking forward to this amazing class because it balances my mind over words and digits. May this adrenaline of mine stay as I finish this course (formally, we call our college subject as “course”).


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