My LAYF Last Wednesday

Few hours after taking a brain-draining exam in SPCM1, my friends and I attended a freshman treat by Lakas Angkan Youth Fellowship or LAYF. Their treat was entitled “One More LAYF”

Honestly, I entered Baker Hall last Wednesday without any idea of how a freshman treat is done. That was the greatest mistake I have made last Wednesday (and what’s not great is a number of mistakes I committed during the SPCM1 long exam) because coming in without expectations surprised me with joy and laughter. The event started with several games, I bet this is the attention step of the event. And it was an effective attention catcher! The silly moments and victorious feeling while doing the game gave us a clear definition of how thrilling it is to be a part of a crowd game. We did not win in any game, but the happiness is already a trophy for us.


I am truthfully sorry for the blurry and murky images.

The next part of the event is the presentation and verbal messages about how a new freshman should live his/er freshman year. In the presentation, I have seen Iska and her struggles. I discovered that what I’m going through right now is a part of being a normal freshman. Thankfully, the presentation aimed a motivational value that would help us relate to it; the isolation inside of us decreased. From the verbal messages, I have learned so many things, and I reflected on them after the event. I considered this event a sem booster because it helped me focus on the true ideology of a student. That is, to praise and give honor to God while doing everything that I can. I have learned that if you give a part of your heart to G, you will receive a whole heart for G gives everything that He can in order to fill up that hole that you sacrificed to Him. Truly, a life lived in the name of G is a life full of worth and sense. This treat helped us visualize the truth about our life as a student with G! Also, the event helped me recover from the horrendous SPCM1 exam. I felt happy, contented, and relieved after the event, all thanks to LAYF’s teachings and G!


Memories in physical form. A name tag and a key chain from the event.


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