1. Hi Pluto! Last Monday, I bought a cord holder that defines my love for Disney. Whenever I listen to music, I always say hi to little Pluto, and that is a good thing. Hopefully, I’ll see more Disney goodies that are useful and practical (so I’ll have a reason to buy them, lol).
  2. The Caucasian Chalk Circle. Last Thursday, I watched a play in DL Umali Hall, UPLB. The play was entitled The Caucasian Chalk Circle and it was directed by Sir Rufo (he is a wonderful professor, everyone loves him). The play was beautifully and remarkably done. There were no dull scenes or dead air. The play balanced its serious and comical side which is perfect. It was worth the wait!
  3. One More LAYF. Wednesday was a relieving experience thanks to Lakas Angkan Youth Fellowship. Their freshman treat truly made me see the difficult things in a different way. Everything that I have heard from their Godly messages made me calm for a while.

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