I’ve been trying calligraphy since last week and I’m not yet losing my hope. Craving for something artistically new led me to the decision of giving it a shot. Also, why shouldn’t I? I asked that to myself last Monday. Yes, I talk to myself whenever I am bored. Going back, life is just like a blink of an eye, so I should try everything that is interesting. Right now, I find calligraphy interesting. So here comes the dork with his determined heart!


I did “V” by using a Blue Dong -A Hexaplus

I also noticed that calligraphy paved a way for me to crave for Sharpies and whatnot; these markers are so beautiful! It’s fun to choose from the different colors that are available to you.  So far, I’ve got an Aqua Green Sharpie, and I’m aiming for something red or orange on Monday. Sadly, I have to say goodbye to a few bucks before saying hi to a lovely marker. Oh well, life’s a bargain…. thus, I should make the best out of it, lol.


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