The New Craze in IT


My apologies for the blurry and murky photo. And say hello to Gale’s head and pen!

The topic yesterday left me flabbergasted, we tackled the Boolean Algebra. Algebra itself is a confusing subject, but boy, the fun is there when you get the correct answer to the difficult equation given by the teacher. But what more if we put Information Technology in Algebra? Pure madness and a pinch of fun! I hope that I’ll get the correct answers when I finish my activity in IT. I’m not done yet, and I hope I can finish it swiftly later. I had a difficult time on thinking which law and theorem to use. But sometimes, I can see a pattern; although I think that pattern (which I am thinking) is imaginary. Let this imaginary pattern be my guide in this confusing world I’m in right now. I’ll make another post about the activity when I finish it.


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