Prang’s Availability


Last week, I went to Paseo de Santa Rosa to meet my lovely friends Marco and Erika. Every time I arrive in a place (that has National Book Store) with few minutes to spare, I would always stay at NBS with hopes of buying something practical and affordable. Thus, I opted to stay at NBS first. I got amazed by the products that they have now; which I never saw during 2014, when I was a tambay in that place. But one art product got my attention, and that was Prang! It was nice to meet Prang at NBS Paseo de Santa Rosa! Back in 2014, Prang was only available in SM Santa Rosa (which was a chore; because I have to wait for the weekend, when I was free, so I can buy one). Ashamed of it all, I have never bought one in spite of knowing that it is a good product! Maybe because I was too cautious on pricey things back then. Yes, Prang is a bit expensive, but it’s worth the risk!

Our Still-life Painting professor recommended this to us because she told us that it has a good quality. Thus, I discovered the wonder of Prang! Well of course, I would recommend youngsters to use it! I saw my FA classmates use it, and the worthiness of the product showed on the medium that they were using. It’s gorgeously flawless! I am not trying to be pretentious, and I don’t want to sound exaggerated. You should give Prang a try!


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