The Good Professor

It all started in a very cold room; the computer lab. A room where I met most of my block-mates. I did not expect that the lab will freeze me to bits. As I waited for our professor to arrive…… nope, he was already in the classroom!  His youthful face blended with the faces of his young students. It was a revelation to remember! He got up, introduced himself nicely, made us feel welcome inside the lab, and explained the coldness of the room. He gave us a very nice impression of himself. Sadly, we said our sincerest goodbyes to him last Friday. He told us that our class will have a new instructor, and she will start this Friday.

It was sad to say goodbye to Sir Vega, a professor who has been kind and patient to us. His way of teaching gave fun and happiness in our hearts and faces. I liked the activities that we did before the lecture, it surely woke me up before battling the numbers in our lesson! I bet most of my classmates felt the same way. The most touching thing was when Sir Vega shared to us his true side; he completely crossed the borders between him, as a professor, and his students. We will always remember him and his perfect hugot lines. Thus, I consider him a good teacher in IT! Thank you so much for everything, Sir Vega!


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