A reaction paper to the adapted play in our school: Bertolt Brecht’s The Caucasian Chalk Circle


Image created at piktochart.com

Selflessness is a great matter in today’s world because this filthy world is filled with people who desire for the wrong ideologies. These wrong ideologies lead them into the ruins of great despair. Unfortunately, that does not sound good for we are all going for our own betterment. Fortunately, we have selflessness. Selflessness is a broad word that sums up the key to the padlock of troubling selfishness. Once you sacrifice your part for betterment, good things that you have taken care of will come back to you wholeheartedly.

In the play, I was introduced to a noble lady named Grusha. She is a noble lady who has chosen to face the troubles and burdens just to save an innocent one from losing his precious life. Personally, I like her character. She sums up my definition of selflessness. Selflessness is not always about giving something for a cause; giving something for a return of a prize or merit; nor giving something to impress someone. It is giving your heart away for the sake of the betterment of someone who is not related to you. It is facing criticisms like a shield so that the engulfing fire would not hit someone you’re ready to die for. I have seen all of those when she struggled to ask for milk from a grumpy old man; when she chose to kill someone and endanger her status in the town; when she bravely crossed the loose bridge; and when she married a wicked, stern, and opportunist man. All of these dilemmas were faced wholeheartedly just to protect Michael from the chaotic raid that is happening in the town. Her productivity gave me strength to believe that being selfless is not a product of an insane mind; it is the product of a greater heart that serves to protect and give something to someone who is robbed of the love and caring that he deserves. The true selfish people are those who have chosen to dress themselves with vanity and insincerity.

The most significant part of the play is the fate of Michael. The fate of Michael lies on the hands of judge’s decision. Questions rambled my mind for I do not know if he will go to someone who has nothing, but has given and dedicated her whole life to him just for him to be safe and sound; or someone who has everything, but has given the littlest attention that she can offer, for she was too concerned with the beauty of her clothes. Thankfully, his fate went to the lady who is more deserving; someone who has memorized the number of strands of his hair; someone who bathed her with passion and humility; and someone who raised him conditionally and normally, without any negativity, but pure positivity. That lady is Grusha, obviously. Before the cheerful glees of his fate, I got sad because I thought his fate will go to someone who does not know anything but to dress and adorn herself with her riches and selfishness. The situation helped me to reflect at the things that I have. I am loved by people wholeheartedly, and I am sure that my fate is safely kept under their wings. I viewed myself as Michael, a boy who is lucky to have Grusha, her adoptive mother, a lady who is not wealthy of cash, but is wealthy of love and tender care. The scene also proved the point that if you wholeheartedly take care of something that is precious to you without any selfish outlook, you will have it for the rest of your life deservingly. Rest assured that your precious belonging is safe and sound under your wings. Inspiring as it is, it motivated me to protect everything that I consider precious. I learned that forever is a lifetime clock that counts my credibility and patience to keep something selflessly.

Lastly, I will not forget the fate changer, the white circle drawn by using a raw chalk. I reflected. A simple symbol marked the precious future of Michael. The mechanics were simple, but the decision made out of the game was done with knowledge, faith, and wisdom. A person might win the price, but attitude will always show how deserving you are to have the price. I am impressed by how Grusha is not convinced of pulling her precious belonging, for it will surely hurt to do so. This act of selfless love paved a way for her to eternally keep Michael. Life is like a simple circle drawn by using a white chalk, it may be simple to look at if you summarize everything, but the decisions made out of it should be done wisely.


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