A Great Reunion

On the 17th of December, I got the chance to reunite with amazing friends. Friends who I mingled with during my first year in the Adventist University of the Philippines; we reunited in Enchanted Kingdom! Generalization: the trip was fun and exhilarating! Well, I was with lovely people (human beings who understand my craziness) and there were exciting rides in EK! I cannot see why it should have been a dull day!


Our first ride was the Flying Fiesta!


Found an aesthetic inside Rialto 4D! Yes, 4D! The progressive change was welcoming!

After few rides, we decided to take it slowly by stopping and sitting at the food court (I don’t know the name of that place, so I decided to call it “food court”).



Someone is nose-y in front of the Space Shuttle!



We all had EK Pop Blizzards from DQ!


The sun descended and darkness engulfed the sky. It was night and I liked it. We ate while the lights started living and dancing in EK. I don’t know, I just have an affinity for lights being lit at night. The lights were so beautiful and relaxing.



We were singing “Here comes Santa Claus” and I discovered that Santa has been hiding in my gallery all along. So really, here IS Santa Claus! LOL



After taking this photo, we left the magical place.

Sadly, we weren’t able to watch the fireworks show, but all was well because everyone enjoyed the reunion in EK! We happily went home and called the day a success! On our way home, we were still giddy about the unexpected things that happened inside. Well, we are kids at heart!


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