It has been a while

So last week, my stroll in SM led me to National Book Store! Kidding, I was aiming to go there (like always). Anyway, I saw few art materials that made me excited to the bones. There, I saw:

  • Brushes (in sets)
  • Charcoals and charcoal pencils
  • Carving tools (in sets)
  • Pastel pencils and colored pencils (available in earth and skin tones)

I always feel a sensation of productivity and professionalism whenever I look/inspect/buy worthy and beautiful art materials. It’s a beautiful feeling that I would want to feel when I start to live on my own.

However, I also thought that it has been a while since I’ve hyped over new art materials in a specific book store. I have been occupied by readings and words, and preoccupied by stressful decisions…. but I am not sad. Everything went well, I guess?


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