Temporarily Gone

I thought I was going to fill my blog with posts that range from artworks to stories last midyear break, but it turned out to be greater than what I was expecting.

My laptop finally gave up last June, but my hopes were not down for I still have art as my last resort when things get dull and extremely mundane. Instead of filling a blog with words, I filled a sketchpad with numerous doodles, art studies, and artworks. I even painted the wall of our bedroom with water drops (one of them is shaped like a cat)!  With the help of my Midyear Doodle Challenge, few artist friends, and several artists on YouTube, the spark that I have for drawing burnt my entire system good enough to ignore the sad state of not having a laptop. Not only did I prove that I am a step away from creating artworks, but also, I have proved that the situation has a good side.

Lesson learned, do not let a laptop die while having a midyear break….. Kidding! I have learned that finding the good side of a situation takes perseverance and tenacity. It all counts on your perspective on how you accept the situation.


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