Temporarily Gone

I thought I was going to fill my blog with posts that range from artworks to stories last midyear break, but it turned out to be greater than what I was expecting.

My laptop finally gave up last June, but my hopes were not down for I still have art as my last resort when things get dull and extremely mundane. Instead of filling a blog with words, I filled a sketchpad with numerous doodles, art studies, and artworks. I even painted the wall of our bedroom with water drops (one of them is shaped like a cat)!  With the help of my Midyear Doodle Challenge, few artist friends, and several artists on YouTube, the spark that I have for drawing burnt my entire system good enough to ignore the sad state of not having a laptop. Not only did I prove that I am a step away from creating artworks, but also, I have proved that the situation has a good side.

Lesson learned, do not let a laptop die while having a midyear break….. Kidding! I have learned that finding the good side of a situation takes perseverance and tenacity. It all counts on your perspective on how you accept the situation.

101 Word Story

Alpha’s Way of Covering

By Roi Yves H. Villadiego


They told me to smile often so my insecurity won’t obviously show.

I don’t think that I have to smile anymore. My sleek and on-point hair shows how I sway off the situations that bother me. My pointy stilettos make fearful sounds that alarm the people who work under my company.

However, my gloves cannot hide the truth of how a wife fights for her wants. The blood stains were removed, but the residues lingered in my thoughts.

These thoughts were once real; but now, they are just evaporated plans for my husband’s naughty mistress to prove that murdering is winning.


This morning, I decided to stop using my art blog, kickingbabyscribbles.wordpress.com, and just continue posting my artsy stuff in this word blog. I wanted to combine word and art in this blog to avoid monotony. It’s good to have a variation, lest a boring blog.

Also, I decided not to delete the original contents found in kickingbabyscribbles.wordpress.com. I consider them memorable and sentimental. They deeply mean something to me (this proves my love for art). Though, I cannot blame myself for this geek-iness; it was an amazing journey to be a Fine Arts student in just a fraction of my existence.

Lastly, I should work on a new description about this blog. It’s not a word blog anymore! Dear change, it’s always refreshing to welcome you in my heart!

How Long

How long does it take for a flower to wilt?

It takes long… long that you begin to lose the patience that you have in the first place.


How long does it take to feel sad?

How long does it take to move on?

How long does it take to live again?

Nobody knows.

But once you’ve entered the turning point,

you won’t remember these questions

that made you lose your patience.

Move Forward

You do not wait

You get a paper and a pen to create

You do not sit around

You play a device and listen to its incessant sound

You do not stick to luck

You study traps so you won’t get stuck

You do not tell yourself that you’re ugly

You smile back and think that negativity is silly

You do not wish for an award

You let yourself practice and move forward

The Universe in Our Mind

Why can’t we just go to the place where we incessantly dream of experiencing?

The place where we incessantly imagine infinite possibilities?

The place where we incessantly see things differently?

The place where we incessantly think that is best for us?

The place where we incessantly expect no challenges.

Asking, how do you live with no stumble?

No hindrance?

No struggle?

No obstacle?