Nothing, just greeting your Sunday afternoon with a picture of Mayor Coffee! We found Mayor Coffee at a hallway in Math Building before our Math 11 recitation class. I was not able to see his/er gender, so we gave it a gender-neutral name that is adorable! Sadly, Mayor Coffee is very anxious around people…. same sentiments, Mayor Coffee; someday, it will be fine!

Worthy Scratches

Everyone, meet Kiwi! Oh how he has changed since then! Kiwi is a random kitten that we found outside our house one year ago. I do not know his age, but I can remember how small, dirty, and helpless he was when we found him. It is a good thing that I love cats, so I forcefully made my parents decide that we should keep him. Thus, here he is! A white and impatient grown-up feline asking to be appreciated! I forgot the number of times he scratched me playfully, but I will always be happy that there is a cat that’ll scratch me even if it means losing a liter of blood!