Awesome Gift


Smiley by Juvelle Villanueva

On my last birthday, I received a wonderful self-portrait from one of my awesome and friendly colleagues. It was an honor to be drawn by her because she is one of the graphic artists of the school’s paper aka UPLB Perspective! I felt touched and overjoyed on the day when I saw her gift. Truly, I am surrounded by wonderful people. Thank you so much, Juvelle!

A Doodle for Keeps


I was rummaging through the photos that I saved in my laptop and this photo initially caught my attention! This is a doodle made by my wonderful buddy, Janine. I love how I have a comfy and cute sweater in this photo for I do not normally wear one because number one, I do not have one (well I had one, but I lost interest in it, so I gave it to my mom) and two, I sweat easily and I do not want to look like a wet nematode!

I have never considered myself as a cinnamon angel with a cute sweater for once, and I am happy that someone like Janine views me that way. I’ll always be thankful for this, Janine! Keep up the good work!

Dear Friend #9


Your name is adorably cute! And your name undeniably fits your bubbly personality. I hope that we’ll know more of each other in the future. Meeting a person like you is like meeting a long time friend from my hometown. I just wish that we were super classmates so we can fill up our individual auras with silly actions and nonsensical stories. It’s not yet late since we’re just starting the school year; may fate bless us and make us friends until we graduate!

Dear Friend #8

10384022_755799541139161_634214068581978264_nYou are so graceful and serene. Still wondering, how can you manage a pleasing appearance even though you are on the verge of being clumsy, wacky, or indignant. Anyway, you are sometimes naturally funny even though you are not trying. I will not have second thoughts on laughing whenever you show your slightest comedienne side. Also, thanks for being my friend since 2010!

Dear Friend #7

10384022_755799541139161_634214068581978264_nThank you for being my second light! At times of sheer happiness in the world of education, I wildly wondered, what if I weren’t meticulously tutored under your supervision. Will I still learn how to read and write efficiently? For oh so many years, I peacefully assured myself that I am truthfully lucky to have an open light which I can depend on at times of darkness. Thank you so much for everything; no words can measure how thankful I am to have you!

Dear Friends #5 and #6

10384022_755799541139161_634214068581978264_n Hey, I had fun conversing with the two of you. Thank you for lighting up the dark night that I was having. Thank you for being loud during the deadly silence that I was having. Thank you.

I saw your steps getting far and far away from me. Sadly, I also saw the lamp getting dimmer and dimmer in the dark forest of disconnection.

Dear Friend #4


Hey there! Are you still afraid of threats like pointy objects being impaled at you for no reason at all? Of course you are. I miss you. I remember the last time when we had a formal talk; we were at a kubo near the canteen that sells scrumptious spaghetti. You seem worried about unsettled matters in your academic life. I calmly helped you with your activity. I told myself, I am going to miss this type of moment with a friend like you. You always ran to me with worried words. I am truthfully sorry if I shrugged some of your problems. I was always expecting you to arrange those unsettled matters, so I remained silent if I had to. You were one of my first buddies in the school, and I will always be thankful for it. When we were at the classroom, I feel like I have someone who reminds me of Santa Rosa, my home and your home. I also feel like you’re someone who I can relate to with personal matters. Thankfully, I was never wrong. We will not be seeing each other for a long time! But I hope we will still be there to reminisce the moments that we had with our bubbly friends in our course.

Dear Friend #3


How are you? Are you still bored? It is unfair for you to not know that I have been annoyed at you. Is it because of how talkative you are? Is it because of how you think? Is it because of the way you express your thoughts? Is it because of how you undermine me with your beliefs? Is it because of the slight boastfulness that I sense whenever we meet? I want to tell you that I fully respect your existence because you have a right to live and because you have feelings too.

Oh friend, I feel guilty having the feeling of distancing myself from you. It was not a healthy way of thinking, but (more…)

Dear Friend #2

10384022_755799541139161_634214068581978264_nOh hello there! We were always there for each other since high school. I love it whenever you ask me for some assistance in specific circumstances because it means that you trust me. I also loved walking with you in high school to fetch particular teachers in their period because I got the chance to know more of the teachers’ varying personality. I hope that our planned meet-up on June will be a success so that we’ll have a time to catch up with each other. I want to laugh at corny jokes with you, and I want to hear amusing stories from you. We’re still young and I know that we can do those again!

Dear Friend #1

10384022_755799541139161_634214068581978264_nHello there! We haven’t formally talked since the last day of the second semester in college. I would like to inform you that your open-mindedness has helped me to rationally rethink particular matters. I truthfully believe that your firm stand on a statement is one of the million traits a good leader can posses. I hope that we can have more sensible conversations in the future because they are like good appetizers to my taste buds. Whenever I look forward to a satisfying amount of sensibility in school, I would always look for you because I know it is not a waste of time to speak a particular jargon with you. Thank you for being my friend, your presence has always reminded me of how people think in our previous school (High School). Good luck on your endeavors, smarty pants! I know that your future is brightly shining. God bless!