Art Studies as a Gift


Look at what I found! These are cute art studies given to me as a gift of remembrance by Janine during our Guidance Instruction meeting (1st semster of AY 2015-2016). I remembered that this gift was a possession to be given to whom has given the owner the most valuable thing among the presents s/he received. This is clearly touching because giving an artwork to a person is like giving a part of your heart. Someday, I hope that I can give some of my art studies to her as well. Thank you so much, Janine!

Luwalhati 2016

Last week, I visited Luwalhati, a photo exhibit held at Ginhawa Art Cafe in UPLB. It was a joy in the heart to witness an exhibit like this because I am a fan of artworks in any form. The idea of looking at masterpieces displayed on a plain surface makes me happy and contented. Indeed, Luwalhati 2016 made me feel like an excited art student again.





The photos in the pictures were not the only displayed photos in the exhibit. In my trip, I discovered that there were more photos behind the panel boards and they were also beautiful and aesthetically meaningful! Hopefully, more exhibits like this will be held in the campus and I will visit them all alone!

Yes, I prefer visiting art exhibits alone because it gives me a glorious moment to reflect on and appreciate the displayed artworks. Sheer solitude will always have a place in my heart.

PS: Sorry for having low-quality photos.


Will you look at that, I am back! I thought this blog is going to be stagnant. Lest the fear of wasting another chance to run a blog, here I am with few photos of the sun shining tremendously, gorgeously, and generously in our university! Sometimes, it takes time to appreciate the presence of a thing that causes us distress; but in the end, we have to accept that that thing will always be a part of us and the greatest thing to do is to recognize its presence in a good way. Yes, the sun is a good representation of that positive statement.

A Great Reunion

On the 17th of December, I got the chance to reunite with amazing friends. Friends who I mingled with during my first year in the Adventist University of the Philippines; we reunited in Enchanted Kingdom! Generalization: the trip was fun and exhilarating! Well, I was with lovely people (human beings who understand my craziness) and there were exciting rides in EK! I cannot see why it should have been a dull day!


Our first ride was the Flying Fiesta!


Found an aesthetic inside Rialto 4D! Yes, 4D! The progressive change was welcoming!

After few rides, (more…)

Here I go, CSS!


Last week, we learned how to make a webpage by using HTML codes. HOORAY because our latest exercise is to design the webpage that we made last week. Shallow as it may seem, it is overjoying to design my webpage! I can pick whatever color or style that I like. All is controlled by me, yes, me me me! Even the zebras in the grasslands can’t meddle with the color or style that I want to pursue for my webpage, get out of here zebras! This is my webpa-okay, I think I need to sleep, this is too much love and fun for webpage and CSS styling. Good night!

Learning how to Add and Subtract Binary-ly

I would like to apologize for the impulsiveness to turn a word into an adverb. Please forgive me for using “Binary-ly”.


Image lifted from

Last meeting in IT 1 Lab, the topic was incredibly interesting, and I thought I was not going to get it. I learned how to use the Binary Arithmetic; which is somehow easy and difficult.The way or manner of solving it looks complicated, but it’s not that difficult; once you learn the basics of when to use 1’s and 2’s complement, you are in a smooth road to success! Adding and subtracting by using the Binary Arithmetic is fun! I feel a sigh of relief whenever my answer matches the designated answer. Want to learn how to do it? Enroll in IT 1 now!

That Time when I was trying to Sleep

Right now, I am desperately making myself sleepy by writing what is going on. Today, I satisfyingly spread positive words on by telling people how wonderfully perfect they are. Their replies were worth the risk and wait because they appreciated every word I typed, thank you Lord.

Next on the list, I managed to stop pondering about what other people think about me. It is a struggle for a teenager like me with low self-esteem to remind myself that it is not worth the time. Thus, I eagerly surrounded my cloud of thoughts with positive ideas. Positive ideas like sleeping early and doing appreciative deeds. I will go to the path where I find myself stable. I know how hard it is, but I will take it step by step, and it will all be worth it!

Lastly, I nagged my lazy mind to write again since this is a powerful medium to express one’s thought. Now that I’m writing again, I have to worry about three things: grammar, spelling, and highfalutin words.

Dear Friend #2

10384022_755799541139161_634214068581978264_nOh hello there! We were always there for each other since high school. I love it whenever you ask me for some assistance in specific circumstances because it means that you trust me. I also loved walking with you in high school to fetch particular teachers in their period because I got the chance to know more of the teachers’ varying personality. I hope that our planned meet-up on June will be a success so that we’ll have a time to catch up with each other. I want to laugh at corny jokes with you, and I want to hear amusing stories from you. We’re still young and I know that we can do those again!