Art Studies as a Gift


Look at what I found! These are cute art studies given to me as a gift of remembrance by Janine during our Guidance Instruction meeting (1st semster of AY 2015-2016). I remembered that this gift was a possession to be given to whom has given the owner the most valuable thing among the presents s/he received. This is clearly touching because giving an artwork to a person is like giving a part of your heart. Someday, I hope that I can give some of my art studies to her as well. Thank you so much, Janine!

Scribbles in the Meantime

Let me present to you, Princess Mononoke, and my old betta fish (nope, not Bubba) coming out of my old Game Boy Advance SP!

These works were done during the semestral (please let me use this word, sorry) break and let me just say, I got really inspired to draw again because I have watched most of Mary Doodles and Doodle Date’s videos. Sometimes when I am out of creative juice, I watch videos of few artists on YouTube  and gladly, it helps! It helps me get going on the road! It informs me that, still, I have a long way to go in the world of arts and crafts! Having a day full of videos from Mary Doodles, Doodle Date, Lizzie’s a Lefty, etc. gives me a lot of reasons to hone my skills in drawing.

But why did I draw Princess Mononoke? I watched her movie and of course, it amazed me. I turned into an instant fan after watching it because I saw the beauty of how fluid the story has become.

But why did I draw my old betta fish coming out of my old Game Boy Advance SP? Simple, it reminds me of how precious my childhood was when I was a third grader (I was about to turn into a fourth-grader that time, though). We all have golden childhood memories. I represent mine with this doodle.

A Great Reunion

On the 17th of December, I got the chance to reunite with amazing friends. Friends who I mingled with during my first year in the Adventist University of the Philippines; we reunited in Enchanted Kingdom! Generalization: the trip was fun and exhilarating! Well, I was with lovely people (human beings who understand my craziness) and there were exciting rides in EK! I cannot see why it should have been a dull day!


Our first ride was the Flying Fiesta!


Found an aesthetic inside Rialto 4D! Yes, 4D! The progressive change was welcoming!

After few rides, (more…)


In the past few days, half of my time was occupied by doodling and scribbling. I got inspired to scribble again when I watched several videos of artists on Youtube. The artists were amazingly unique and they made me think that it’s okay to have an “okay” work; an artist does not owe anyone a marvelous work, it’s the satisfaction that matters! 🙂

Here are few of my doodles and scribbles!

Truly, I was very satisfied of my works regardless of how beautiful they are to those who can see it. And I believe that every artist should think like that; an artwork should not achieve beauty in order to satisfy the eyes of the viewers (it can be a factor, but it should not be the main objective). Rather, an artwork should achieve beauty in order to satisfy one’s soul in this world full of harshness.

Learning how to Add and Subtract Binary-ly

I would like to apologize for the impulsiveness to turn a word into an adverb. Please forgive me for using “Binary-ly”.


Image lifted from mrsthiessenswiki.wikispaces.com

Last meeting in IT 1 Lab, the topic was incredibly interesting, and I thought I was not going to get it. I learned how to use the Binary Arithmetic; which is somehow easy and difficult.The way or manner of solving it looks complicated, but it’s not that difficult; once you learn the basics of when to use 1’s and 2’s complement, you are in a smooth road to success! Adding and subtracting by using the Binary Arithmetic is fun! I feel a sigh of relief whenever my answer matches the designated answer. Want to learn how to do it? Enroll in IT 1 now!

A Lesson from The Past came back

I waited outside the computer lab with irritation. It’s not because of the long time that it takes before the door of the room opens, but because of the weather and my current state. Prior to my arrival, I got mildly wet by the rain and unexpectedly sweaty due to my hurrying to get to the building where the lab is. Why was I hurrying? If I don’t, I would have taken an unexpected bath. Anyway, I still love the rain and the next subject, so my irritation evaporated into thin air when we started the lecture.


Gif lifted from pastoralmeanderings.blogspot.com

On the day when I continued my studies in UPLB, (more…)

New but Old

This first post is a test post to my new blog. What can I say, I’m gladly back to words and happening after being away from it. So let’s move on with a step forward, and proceed to my new blog. It’s a new blog, but it’s an old habit. I hope tons of happiness will be developed in me while I carelessly or vigilantly release the words in my forgetful mind. Oh well, here goes nothing.