meh photography

The Bright Side


Seeing the beauty in CEAT made me think that having a 7-AM PE class isn’t a bad thing after all! Wednesday is a day I look forward to because of the cold early-morning walk it gives me.  My walk to the far building of CEAT is fun because I get to witness the beauty of the scenes and things I see while I am on my way. PLUS! I have a small time to listen to music.


It has been raining all day and I hope that everyone, wherever they may be, is safe and sound. The partially dark sky is making me miss the morning sun that I have always witnessed whenever I go out for a run (well, because I have running classes) in Elbi. Let us all stay and wait calmly for the sun’s arrival.


A Great Reunion

On the 17th of December, I got the chance to reunite with amazing friends. Friends who I mingled with during my first year in the Adventist University of the Philippines; we reunited in Enchanted Kingdom! Generalization: the trip was fun and exhilarating! Well, I was with lovely people (human beings who understand my craziness) and there were exciting rides in EK! I cannot see why it should have been a dull day!


Our first ride was the Flying Fiesta!


Found an aesthetic inside Rialto 4D! Yes, 4D! The progressive change was welcoming!

After few rides, (more…)