Recently, we have been organizing documents and house materials. I decided to organize the documents stored in the yellow box that is located at the corner of our kitchen. There were important papers and sentimental documents in the box, but there were few things that immediately caught my attention. I got the chance to see my past plates and artworks again.

Touching and examining each plate was like walking down the path where I started my adventures in college with innocence and diligence. Each plate has its own memory and it has a very powerful impact to me. One plate reminded me of the time when I rummaged through my classmate’s phone to find some faces of people for the facial emotion activity that we had in Body Parts Drawing. Another artwork reminded me of my ventures in joining the annual Petron Art Competition! It was a memory that I will always cherish for it taught me so many things such as hard work, perseverance, and wisdom. Another piece reminded me of the hype that I had towards drawing Disney characters! I actually Disney-fied some of my high school classmates, and I chuckled when I saw the drawing! Another piece reminded me of how I met my first college best friends and their essentiality in making FA a fun course! Also, some of the plates greatly reminded me of the helpful professors that I had in FA, and I will forever cherish their essentiality in making my talent grow in a challenging way. They showed me that learning can be a friendly process with the involvement of the teacher who shares lessons, and the student who works and makes heaps of plates and artworks! I was only asking for an improvement, but they have given me more than that in a very casual way. However, I will never forget the plates that reminded me of the deadlines that I had! Some of my plates were rushed, but as soon as I reached the campus with hours to spare, I added details to make an improvement.

Well, the set of artworks as a whole reminded me of my diligence and perseverance towards every task when I was an FA student in AUP; this reminder would be very helpful now that I am about to become a sophomore student in UP. It tells me that diligence and perseverance will always get me to where my goals are, even though college is a distinct series of drastic success and failure. Thankfully, this small task that I have accomplished earlier reminded me of my true purpose as a college student.

Art Studies as a Gift


Look at what I found! These are cute art studies given to me as a gift of remembrance by Janine during our Guidance Instruction meeting (1st semster of AY 2015-2016). I remembered that this gift was a possession to be given to whom has given the owner the most valuable thing among the presents s/he received. This is clearly touching because giving an artwork to a person is like giving a part of your heart. Someday, I hope that I can give some of my art studies to her as well. Thank you so much, Janine!

Orasa by THEA 107- H


Note: This is based on what I understood when I watched the play.


Apparently, Orasa is an hourglass. An hourglass is shaped like a number eight and it is covered on both sides so the sand inside won’t spill. Its primary purpose is to tell time; not the exact time but the time that passed away. By turning an hourglass upside down, the sands will fall from the upper cylindrical space into the bottom part. Once the sands are gone from the upper part, it means that an hour passed since the time you turned it. By applying it, the two-part scenarios in the play represent the two-part spaces of an hourglass. Since time is passing in an hourglass, the two-part scenarios come from two different time frames which are from the past and in the present time. The application was wise and I am fully impressed. Although, it took time to make me realize that the play in a nut shell is an hourglass, literally. This creativity should be applauded and appreciated. But what do the two time frames represent? Simply, they represent how a person falls in love with a person.

In the first part of the play, their cultural and generational decency is a trademark of what happened in the past if a person falls in love with another one. It’s the typical boy-meets-girl scene, but he can’t confess his love for the girl because of sheer shyness, nervousness, and doubting. Fortunately, the boy confessed his love (more…)

Here I go, CSS!


Last week, we learned how to make a webpage by using HTML codes. HOORAY because our latest exercise is to design the webpage that we made last week. Shallow as it may seem, it is overjoying to design my webpage! I can pick whatever color or style that I like. All is controlled by me, yes, me me me! Even the zebras in the grasslands can’t meddle with the color or style that I want to pursue for my webpage, get out of here zebras! This is my webpa-okay, I think I need to sleep, this is too much love and fun for webpage and CSS styling. Good night!

A Book

IMG_20120101_233447I have been reading a book few weeks ago, but I was not able to continue it due to the numerous school-related duties that I have. I know, what a shame, blaming school for not reading a book? What else!? Anyway, it’s real! The struggle of finding the time to turn a book’s page is real. When the Christmas break comes, I will involve myself in reading books that I want to read. Out of the blue (right now), I made a plan to buy all the books that I am planning to read on Christmas break. Great idea!

Computer Hardware


(c) Sir Kevin Vega

The lecture last Friday in IT was like a recap of what I’ve learned in high school with pieces of information added in it (and it was very helpful!). It was relatively easy because we tackled the parts of a hardware. Although, it shocked me when Sir told us that the CPU is not the CPU itself, it’s just the case. The real CPU is inside the case; it’s a chip that manages everything inside. I also learned that if a CPU is broken, the stored files (a.k.a. memories 😉 ) won’t get deleted, it will be stored in the Hard Disk Drive; everything can be retrieved by pulling out the HDD and connecting it to another computer. The simplest things that I learned last Friday were the most memorable points of the lecture. It was a great discussion!

The Good Professor

It all started in a very cold room; the computer lab. A room where I met most of my block-mates. I did not expect that the lab will freeze me to bits. As I waited for our professor to arrive…… nope, he was already in the classroom!  His youthful face blended with the faces of his young students. It was a revelation to remember! He got up, introduced himself nicely, made us feel welcome inside the lab, and explained the coldness of the room. He gave us a very nice impression of himself. Sadly, we said our sincerest goodbyes to him last Friday. He told us that our class will have a new instructor, and she will start this Friday.

It was sad to say goodbye to Sir Vega, a professor who has been kind and patient to us. His way of teaching gave fun and happiness in our hearts and faces. I liked the activities that we did before the lecture, it surely woke me up before battling the numbers in our lesson! I bet most of my classmates felt the same way. The most touching thing was when Sir Vega shared to us his true side; he completely crossed the borders between him, as a professor, and his students. We will always remember him and his perfect hugot lines. Thus, I consider him a good teacher in IT! Thank you so much for everything, Sir Vega!

An Update


I have happily finished the take-home activity in IT (hooray, cheers, woohoo) and I feel relieved right now. I thought I was not going to finish it because I got stuck in the second equation. Thankfully, my drowsiness noticed something sketchy on the handout which helped me solve it. Thus, I shall watch another episode of The Big Bang Theory!

The Basic Lesson and The Big Picture


Image lifted from

Finishing lunch on a scorching-hot Friday afternoon is purely significant to me. It simply means spending the next few hours in a very cold learning environment that we call “Computer Lab.” But last Friday, our class in IT 1 got even more significant when our Professor taught us how to input basic codes. Normally, a student will find it mundane; but to me, it’s more than that. Learning how to input basic codes is like learning the basic ABC’s and 123’s. The basic methods of coding will strengthen my foundation in the field of technology. I do believe that someday, I will be able to use this basic skill to solve a very complex problem.

After the class in IT 1, I realized that we should not see things in a myopic view. This lesson that I learned is (I believe) a strong foundation to my future in the field of advancement, computer, and technology. Thus, the big picture of everything might come in handy at times of learning a new skill and grabbing an opportunity.

Dear Friend #4


Hey there! Are you still afraid of threats like pointy objects being impaled at you for no reason at all? Of course you are. I miss you. I remember the last time when we had a formal talk; we were at a kubo near the canteen that sells scrumptious spaghetti. You seem worried about unsettled matters in your academic life. I calmly helped you with your activity. I told myself, I am going to miss this type of moment with a friend like you. You always ran to me with worried words. I am truthfully sorry if I shrugged some of your problems. I was always expecting you to arrange those unsettled matters, so I remained silent if I had to. You were one of my first buddies in the school, and I will always be thankful for it. When we were at the classroom, I feel like I have someone who reminds me of Santa Rosa, my home and your home. I also feel like you’re someone who I can relate to with personal matters. Thankfully, I was never wrong. We will not be seeing each other for a long time! But I hope we will still be there to reminisce the moments that we had with our bubbly friends in our course.

The Infraction and The Complaint (Part 2)

Now let me ask you


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When was the last time you read the rules and regulation on the syllabus? So you can stop complaining why the prof is strict.

When was the last time you cared to move your book and written notes? So you can stop complaining why he isn’t worthy. He gave you notes, do your part, and come to realize your worth (long story short, your worth is to study in his class, are you studying?).

When was the last time you’ve punctually done your homework and dumped activities? So you can stop complaining why (more…)

Walking on The Sidewalk

It has been a month since I’ve walked on the windy sidewalks of Adventist University of the Philippines. Those sidewalks mark the steps I’ve taken from the first day to the last. They were steps which I didn’t expect in my life because I was expecting a different road to take. But alas, (more…)