Art Studies as a Gift


Look at what I found! These are cute art studies given to me as a gift of remembrance by Janine during our Guidance Instruction meeting (1st semster of AY 2015-2016). I remembered that this gift was a possession to be given to whom has given the owner the most valuable thing among the presents s/he received. This is clearly touching because giving an artwork to a person is like giving a part of your heart. Someday, I hope that I can give some of my art studies to her as well. Thank you so much, Janine!

101 Word Story

Alpha’s Way of Covering

By Roi Yves H. Villadiego


They told me to smile often so my insecurity won’t obviously show.

I don’t think that I have to smile anymore. My sleek and on-point hair shows how I sway off the situations that bother me. My pointy stilettos make fearful sounds that alarm the people who work under my company.

However, my gloves cannot hide the truth of how a wife fights for her wants. The blood stains were removed, but the residues lingered in my thoughts.

These thoughts were once real; but now, they are just evaporated plans for my husband’s naughty mistress to prove that murdering is winning.

The New Craze in IT


My apologies for the blurry and murky photo. And say hello to Gale’s head and pen!

The topic yesterday left me flabbergasted, we tackled the Boolean Algebra. Algebra itself is a confusing subject, but boy, the fun is there when you get the correct answer to the difficult equation given by the teacher. But what more if we put Information Technology in Algebra? Pure madness and a pinch of fun! I hope that I’ll get the correct answers when I finish my activity in IT. I’m not done yet, and I hope I can finish it swiftly later. I had a difficult time on thinking which law and theorem to use. But sometimes, I can see a pattern; although I think that pattern (which I am thinking) is imaginary. Let this imaginary pattern be my guide in this confusing world I’m in right now. I’ll make another post about the activity when I finish it.

The Mouth of the College Braggart

I cannot say that we have all met a person like him* for diversity is inevitable in schools. Unfortunately and fortunately, meeting one was an opportunity to learn a lesson. A lesson which taught me how to handle my golden patience inside; a moment when I can just erupt at any moment inside, but I needed to hold on to a rope that keeps pushing me back. But who am I talking about? My dear friend, may I introduce you “the college braggart.”

What does it take to become one? (more…)

When He was Afraid to Talk

Whenever I socialize with my lovely friends, I always make a small space for laughter. Talks are frightening for me. I never wanted people to get bored when they talk to me, so I always make simple jokes for few giggles. Most of them would appreciate my jokes especially when it is relatable.

After deeply musing on a sunny day, I immediately begin to wonder why talks feel like a never-ending roller coaster. Engaging in a small conversation will lead me to a ride of anxious monstrosities, leaving the fact that I am just talking to a person, not a god or a goddess. My veins begin to internalize the feeling that I am a non-worthwhile company. But when does it stop? Why does it scare me? Why do issues face me whenever anxiety attacks me?

xvcfbg (more…)

Back in 2012

Oh those were the days. 🙂 #StarSci #Sophomoreyear

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I was there in the classroom filled with intelligent species, staying at my seat as I made myself eagerly busy about something that was already due the following week. I was adamant to finish it early for it meant having a good grade to receive. I cut the pieces to build a beauty that I never saw in the first place, a beauty which helped me discover my passion, and a beauty which is a highlight of my yesterday.

Dear Friend #1

10384022_755799541139161_634214068581978264_nHello there! We haven’t formally talked since the last day of the second semester in college. I would like to inform you that your open-mindedness has helped me to rationally rethink particular matters. I truthfully believe that your firm stand on a statement is one of the million traits a good leader can posses. I hope that we can have more sensible conversations in the future because they are like good appetizers to my taste buds. Whenever I look forward to a satisfying amount of sensibility in school, I would always look for you because I know it is not a waste of time to speak a particular jargon with you. Thank you for being my friend, your presence has always reminded me of how people think in our previous school (High School). Good luck on your endeavors, smarty pants! I know that your future is brightly shining. God bless!

AUP Chronicles:How To Be Embarrassed in College

Go to the comfort room beside Records and Admissions Office, and rush your way in while reminding yourself that your bladder is going to blast after few seconds. Quickly opening the cubicle door, you meet the honorable president of the school making his way out of the cubicle and finding you on his way; thus, giving you his gratifying smile. But because you’re too occupied by the thought of an exploding bladder, you smile back at him awkwardly.

But the truth is, if you ever had the chance to talk that time, your first words will be, “i hav tu pee mama mia”