Awesome Gift


Smiley by Juvelle Villanueva

On my last birthday, I received a wonderful self-portrait from one of my awesome and friendly colleagues. It was an honor to be drawn by her because she is one of the graphic artists of the school’s paper aka UPLB Perspective! I felt touched and overjoyed on the day when I saw her gift. Truly, I am surrounded by wonderful people. Thank you so much, Juvelle!


Recently, we have been organizing documents and house materials. I decided to organize the documents stored in the yellow box that is located at the corner of our kitchen. There were important papers and sentimental documents in the box, but there were few things that immediately caught my attention. I got the chance to see my past plates and artworks again.

Touching and examining each plate was like walking down the path where I started my adventures in college with innocence and diligence. Each plate has its own memory and it has a very powerful impact to me. One plate reminded me of the time when I rummaged through my classmate’s phone to find some faces of people for the facial emotion activity that we had in Body Parts Drawing. Another artwork reminded me of my ventures in joining the annual Petron Art Competition! It was a memory that I will always cherish for it taught me so many things such as hard work, perseverance, and wisdom. Another piece reminded me of the hype that I had towards drawing Disney characters! I actually Disney-fied some of my high school classmates, and I chuckled when I saw the drawing! Another piece reminded me of how I met my first college best friends and their essentiality in making FA a fun course! Also, some of the plates greatly reminded me of the helpful professors that I had in FA, and I will forever cherish their essentiality in making my talent grow in a challenging way. They showed me that learning can be a friendly process with the involvement of the teacher who shares lessons, and the student who works and makes heaps of plates and artworks! I was only asking for an improvement, but they have given me more than that in a very casual way. However, I will never forget the plates that reminded me of the deadlines that I had! Some of my plates were rushed, but as soon as I reached the campus with hours to spare, I added details to make an improvement.

Well, the set of artworks as a whole reminded me of my diligence and perseverance towards every task when I was an FA student in AUP; this reminder would be very helpful now that I am about to become a sophomore student in UP. It tells me that diligence and perseverance will always get me to where my goals are, even though college is a distinct series of drastic success and failure. Thankfully, this small task that I have accomplished earlier reminded me of my true purpose as a college student.

Art Studies as a Gift


Look at what I found! These are cute art studies given to me as a gift of remembrance by Janine during our Guidance Instruction meeting (1st semster of AY 2015-2016). I remembered that this gift was a possession to be given to whom has given the owner the most valuable thing among the presents s/he received. This is clearly touching because giving an artwork to a person is like giving a part of your heart. Someday, I hope that I can give some of my art studies to her as well. Thank you so much, Janine!

‘Tis I, the one who made the boat scene


Voila! This is the boat scene that I made on GIMP for today’s lesson in IT. Obviously, I need to practice more! But hey, it’s always like this! You learn the basics, progress into it bit by bit, and you turn into a successful person like Bill Gates. Yes, that is what I learned today in IT and it is enlightening. Someday, I will paint the whole world by using GIMP and no one can stop me because I want to be a successful person like Bill Gates!

Okay, I just need sleep, but learning new things is just fun! Anyway, IT helped me in so many things; especially the things that I cannot understand in the world of computers. I know that I can apply the IT lessons in real life. I will always bring these lessons in life, and yes, just like a loyal boat carrying its cargo into the seas where the beautiful sunset resides.

Strut for IT


Sorry for the late update, but here I go! Last week’s activity was very easy and I liked it! Making a presentation on Strut was quite overwhelming, but after few minutes of adjusting, I went with the flow. Strut is like Powerpoint Presentation, but with less features. Although it has less features, Strut has other unique features that’ll help your presentation gain more credibility!

Our exercise for that day was to make a presentation about a book, movie or show that we would like to recommend. I picked The Hunger Games because I am a big fan of the movie series (and also, the books!).

To conclude everything that I learned for that day, I learned that Prezi and PPT are not the only options to consider when you want to present a topic. There are more presentation tools that a student can use to make his/er topic credible.

The New Craze in IT


My apologies for the blurry and murky photo. And say hello to Gale’s head and pen!

The topic yesterday left me flabbergasted, we tackled the Boolean Algebra. Algebra itself is a confusing subject, but boy, the fun is there when you get the correct answer to the difficult equation given by the teacher. But what more if we put Information Technology in Algebra? Pure madness and a pinch of fun! I hope that I’ll get the correct answers when I finish my activity in IT. I’m not done yet, and I hope I can finish it swiftly later. I had a difficult time on thinking which law and theorem to use. But sometimes, I can see a pattern; although I think that pattern (which I am thinking) is imaginary. Let this imaginary pattern be my guide in this confusing world I’m in right now. I’ll make another post about the activity when I finish it.



  1. Hi Pluto! Last Monday, I bought a cord holder that defines my love for Disney. Whenever I listen to music, I always say hi to little Pluto, and that is a good thing. Hopefully, I’ll see more Disney goodies that are useful and practical (so I’ll have a reason to buy them, lol).
  2. The Caucasian Chalk Circle. Last Thursday, I watched a play in DL Umali Hall, UPLB. The play was entitled The Caucasian Chalk Circle and it was directed by Sir Rufo (he is a wonderful professor, everyone loves him). The play was beautifully and remarkably done. There were no dull scenes or dead air. The play balanced its serious and comical side which is perfect. It was worth the wait!
  3. One More LAYF. Wednesday was a relieving experience thanks to Lakas Angkan Youth Fellowship. Their freshman treat truly made me see the difficult things in a different way. Everything that I have heard from their Godly messages made me calm for a while.

My LAYF Last Wednesday

Few hours after taking a brain-draining exam in SPCM1, my friends and I attended a freshman treat by Lakas Angkan Youth Fellowship or LAYF. Their treat was entitled “One More LAYF”

Honestly, I entered Baker Hall last Wednesday without any idea of how a freshman treat is done. That was the greatest mistake I have made last Wednesday (and what’s not great is a number of mistakes I committed during the SPCM1 long exam) because coming in without expectations surprised me with joy and laughter. The event started with several games, I bet this is the attention step of the event. And it was an effective attention catcher! The (more…)

The Infraction and The Complaint (Part 2)

Now let me ask you


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When was the last time you read the rules and regulation on the syllabus? So you can stop complaining why the prof is strict.

When was the last time you cared to move your book and written notes? So you can stop complaining why he isn’t worthy. He gave you notes, do your part, and come to realize your worth (long story short, your worth is to study in his class, are you studying?).

When was the last time you’ve punctually done your homework and dumped activities? So you can stop complaining why (more…)

The Infraction and The Complaint

One morning, I successfully finished my driving class and I proceeded to my next subject. As I was walking at the sidewalk near the canteen (the canteen next to the university store), I caught sight of a familiar scene; a student guard giving a notice to a lady whose skirt hemline is above her beautiful knees. I felt her struggle to explain her side of the story, but the guard was adamant to give her the (more…)