Recently, we have been organizing documents and house materials. I decided to organize the documents stored in the yellow box that is located at the corner of our kitchen. There were important papers and sentimental documents in the box, but there were few things that immediately caught my attention. I got the chance to see my past plates and artworks again.

Touching and examining each plate was like walking down the path where I started my adventures in college with innocence and diligence. Each plate has its own memory and it has a very powerful impact to me. One plate reminded me of the time when I rummaged through my classmate’s phone to find some faces of people for the facial emotion activity that we had in Body Parts Drawing. Another artwork reminded me of my ventures in joining the annual Petron Art Competition! It was a memory that I will always cherish for it taught me so many things such as hard work, perseverance, and wisdom. Another piece reminded me of the hype that I had towards drawing Disney characters! I actually Disney-fied some of my high school classmates, and I chuckled when I saw the drawing! Another piece reminded me of how I met my first college best friends and their essentiality in making FA a fun course! Also, some of the plates greatly reminded me of the helpful professors that I had in FA, and I will forever cherish their essentiality in making my talent grow in a challenging way. They showed me that learning can be a friendly process with the involvement of the teacher who shares lessons, and the student who works and makes heaps of plates and artworks! I was only asking for an improvement, but they have given me more than that in a very casual way. However, I will never forget the plates that reminded me of the deadlines that I had! Some of my plates were rushed, but as soon as I reached the campus with hours to spare, I added details to make an improvement.

Well, the set of artworks as a whole reminded me of my diligence and perseverance towards every task when I was an FA student in AUP; this reminder would be very helpful now that I am about to become a sophomore student in UP. It tells me that diligence and perseverance will always get me to where my goals are, even though college is a distinct series of drastic success and failure. Thankfully, this small task that I have accomplished earlier reminded me of my true purpose as a college student.

A reaction paper to the adapted play in our school: Bertolt Brecht’s The Caucasian Chalk Circle


Image created at piktochart.com

Selflessness is a great matter in today’s world because this filthy world is filled with people who desire for the wrong ideologies. These wrong ideologies lead them into the ruins of great despair. Unfortunately, that does not sound good for we are all going for our own betterment. Fortunately, we have selflessness. Selflessness is a broad word that sums up the key to the padlock of troubling selfishness. Once you sacrifice your part for betterment, good things that you have taken care of will come back to you wholeheartedly.

In the play, I was introduced to a noble lady named Grusha. She is a noble lady who has chosen to face the troubles and burdens just to save an innocent one from losing his precious life. Personally, I like her (more…)

Computer Hardware


(c) Sir Kevin Vega

The lecture last Friday in IT was like a recap of what I’ve learned in high school with pieces of information added in it (and it was very helpful!). It was relatively easy because we tackled the parts of a hardware. Although, it shocked me when Sir told us that the CPU is not the CPU itself, it’s just the case. The real CPU is inside the case; it’s a chip that manages everything inside. I also learned that if a CPU is broken, the stored files (a.k.a. memories 😉 ) won’t get deleted, it will be stored in the Hard Disk Drive; everything can be retrieved by pulling out the HDD and connecting it to another computer. The simplest things that I learned last Friday were the most memorable points of the lecture. It was a great discussion!

The Realization

Hola! We are in a freezing computer lab right now, and there is a chance that I am breathing 9% fart (which is better! Because outside, I breathe 99.99% fart). Anyway, my life as a blogger changed today because I learned that blogging is actually using one of the amazing features of Web CMS!


Image lifted from questprblog.co.uk

Web CMS or Web Content Management System is an application that you can use to publish images, essays, poems, information, stories, comic strips, artworks, and whatnot with audience interaction. Clearly, it is a website that you can use for personal use and management. But how did it change my life? Firstly, I have been blinded by the fact that WordPress is only a website that I can use for posting word vomits, but it’s more than that! Most of the successful companies use WordPress as a medium of dispersing information. Secondly, WordPress is not the only website available to a person if one wants to manage his/er own blog or website. There are many choices such as Drupal, Zope, Guppy, Dot Clear, Joomla, and many more!

To sum it up, being enrolled in IT 1 or Information Technology Literacy is beneficial to my life as a blogger. It helped me realize that blogging is only a fraction of what a website can do to my daily life. I am willing to learn more in this course(or subject)!

Dear Friend #9


Your name is adorably cute! And your name undeniably fits your bubbly personality. I hope that we’ll know more of each other in the future. Meeting a person like you is like meeting a long time friend from my hometown. I just wish that we were super classmates so we can fill up our individual auras with silly actions and nonsensical stories. It’s not yet late since we’re just starting the school year; may fate bless us and make us friends until we graduate!