Awesome Gift


Smiley by Juvelle Villanueva

On my last birthday, I received a wonderful self-portrait from one of my awesome and friendly colleagues. It was an honor to be drawn by her because she is one of the graphic artists of the school’s paper aka UPLB Perspective! I felt touched and overjoyed on the day when I saw her gift. Truly, I am surrounded by wonderful people. Thank you so much, Juvelle!


Will you look at that, I am back! I thought this blog is going to be stagnant. Lest the fear of wasting another chance to run a blog, here I am with few photos of the sun shining tremendously, gorgeously, and generously in our university! Sometimes, it takes time to appreciate the presence of a thing that causes us distress; but in the end, we have to accept that that thing will always be a part of us and the greatest thing to do is to recognize its presence in a good way. Yes, the sun is a good representation of that positive statement.

Little Woes in the Break


Come to think of it, my first stay in the campus was not easy. Experiencing an easy type of stress (because according to the upperclassmen, more is yet to come) was frightening, and I thought I was not going to come out alive. But lo and behold, I am still breathing and living!

However, I won’t conclude anything yet because I still have seven semesters (hopefully) to go in the university. May the semesters go well (meaning, to pass everything) and the odds be ever in my favor (hi Effie).

Orasa by THEA 107- H


Note: This is based on what I understood when I watched the play.


Apparently, Orasa is an hourglass. An hourglass is shaped like a number eight and it is covered on both sides so the sand inside won’t spill. Its primary purpose is to tell time; not the exact time but the time that passed away. By turning an hourglass upside down, the sands will fall from the upper cylindrical space into the bottom part. Once the sands are gone from the upper part, it means that an hour passed since the time you turned it. By applying it, the two-part scenarios in the play represent the two-part spaces of an hourglass. Since time is passing in an hourglass, the two-part scenarios come from two different time frames which are from the past and in the present time. The application was wise and I am fully impressed. Although, it took time to make me realize that the play in a nut shell is an hourglass, literally. This creativity should be applauded and appreciated. But what do the two time frames represent? Simply, they represent how a person falls in love with a person.

In the first part of the play, their cultural and generational decency is a trademark of what happened in the past if a person falls in love with another one. It’s the typical boy-meets-girl scene, but he can’t confess his love for the girl because of sheer shyness, nervousness, and doubting. Fortunately, the boy confessed his love (more…)

A reaction paper to the adapted play in our school: Bertolt Brecht’s The Caucasian Chalk Circle


Image created at piktochart.com

Selflessness is a great matter in today’s world because this filthy world is filled with people who desire for the wrong ideologies. These wrong ideologies lead them into the ruins of great despair. Unfortunately, that does not sound good for we are all going for our own betterment. Fortunately, we have selflessness. Selflessness is a broad word that sums up the key to the padlock of troubling selfishness. Once you sacrifice your part for betterment, good things that you have taken care of will come back to you wholeheartedly.

In the play, I was introduced to a noble lady named Grusha. She is a noble lady who has chosen to face the troubles and burdens just to save an innocent one from losing his precious life. Personally, I like her (more…)

Crying over Codes

So, hello! I have been occupied in the past week for several reasons. First, I was sick and I needed to watch myself for the possible things that I might not like. Second, I was piled with academics and I do not know where to start. But I will just tell you the topic that left a mark on my mind last week. Let us begin!

So last week, we encountered Python Language in IT, and doing it with instructions was relatively easy. I discovered it as my Waterloo when our professor instructed us to create a code that can solve the average score of multiple exam grades. I am really worried about it because I have no idea how to construct it. I know it’s easy for people who have mastered it, but beginners like me will always have baby cries. Although, I do not want to give up. I want to conquer this fear and I want to finish the activity with a mighty fist!


And now, we learned the concept of flowcharts! To understand the lesson better, our new IT professor made us play the games in Code Studio. I can say that the activity helped me understand the proper arrangement of steps in a flowchart. It’s an eye-opener for beginners like me. ghfjhhfcvxxxxgAlso, I had the chance to create my own Flappy Bird game. I wanted to use a Turkey in Santa’s village. So when the turkey dies, it will go straight to Santa’s tummy!

Computer Hardware


(c) Sir Kevin Vega

The lecture last Friday in IT was like a recap of what I’ve learned in high school with pieces of information added in it (and it was very helpful!). It was relatively easy because we tackled the parts of a hardware. Although, it shocked me when Sir told us that the CPU is not the CPU itself, it’s just the case. The real CPU is inside the case; it’s a chip that manages everything inside. I also learned that if a CPU is broken, the stored files (a.k.a. memories 😉 ) won’t get deleted, it will be stored in the Hard Disk Drive; everything can be retrieved by pulling out the HDD and connecting it to another computer. The simplest things that I learned last Friday were the most memorable points of the lecture. It was a great discussion!

My LAYF Last Wednesday

Few hours after taking a brain-draining exam in SPCM1, my friends and I attended a freshman treat by Lakas Angkan Youth Fellowship or LAYF. Their treat was entitled “One More LAYF”

Honestly, I entered Baker Hall last Wednesday without any idea of how a freshman treat is done. That was the greatest mistake I have made last Wednesday (and what’s not great is a number of mistakes I committed during the SPCM1 long exam) because coming in without expectations surprised me with joy and laughter. The event started with several games, I bet this is the attention step of the event. And it was an effective attention catcher! The (more…)

A Lesson from The Past came back

I waited outside the computer lab with irritation. It’s not because of the long time that it takes before the door of the room opens, but because of the weather and my current state. Prior to my arrival, I got mildly wet by the rain and unexpectedly sweaty due to my hurrying to get to the building where the lab is. Why was I hurrying? If I don’t, I would have taken an unexpected bath. Anyway, I still love the rain and the next subject, so my irritation evaporated into thin air when we started the lecture.


Gif lifted from pastoralmeanderings.blogspot.com

On the day when I continued my studies in UPLB, (more…)